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Thread: Thanksgiving 2017

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    I just discovered I'm hosting about 20 people My mom and brother are flying in, my good friend from law school is coming, and then about 12 of DH's soldiers with no where to go. Sooooo... that's stressful

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    We'll be travelling back to our home state to visit both families. Two full Thanksgiving spreads on one day leads to a looooooooooot of eating. I know both families will be clinging to him a little bit, as we're expecting him to start OCS/other schooling next February, so there's a chance he won't be coming next year. I think my grandma was joking that next year they're all travelling to us. (I hope not, as the house we're living in now is a tiny little two bedroom cottage and there's no way I can fit 15 extra people anywhere other than the yard, and that's not gonna work in northern Indiana, not even considering all the gopher holes)
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    DH and I will be going to Baltimore to see the Lion King (the musical) for our 5 year anniversary. I am very excited and we are looking forward to it!

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    We are renting a cabin on the lake with my whole family. We cant wait!
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    We're hosting Thanksgiving here at our house for BOTH sides of our families. It is going to be a mad and chaotic zoo and I'm super pumped about it.

    I also just called and scheduled an early gender scan for the day before so we can do a surprise gender reveal (as long as baby cooperates ) while everyone is here
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    We are going to Alabama to spend Thanksgiving with my best friend and her family, like we always do.

    Lots of food, football, drinking, and shopping. I cannot wait. Itís my favorite weekend of the year!
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    I'm going to my family's for the first time in 8 years. DH is coming too
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    Dinner (really more of lunch because my mom is a nurse and works Thanksgiving night so she can have off for Christmas) at my parents' house; DB will be joining for the first time (last year he was out of town) with DD16. The other two kids will be with their mom. Usually, after we finish "dinner," my mom will go to work, I'll take a power nap, and then when she gets home, she and I head out to do Black Friday shopping at midnight at the outlets. We usually last until about 4am, then head home, sleep in, and then that night we get out the Christmas decorations (this is mostly because my parents want to capitalize on all of the children being home to provide manual labor lol)
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