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Thread: Early Christmas

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    Early Christmas

    I know Christmas isn't for a few months yet but I want to get started early so I have an idea on what to send. My boyfriend is on his first deployment and has loved the care packages I've sent so far. In those I've just done lots of candy and other things he wanted and in one I did open when letters. But for Christmas I am having a much harder time on figuring out what to send him. All my ideas are things that he probably wouldn't be able to use while gone and I don't want to just keep sending candy. So far he's been able to get everything he needs over there and never says he needs anything specific when I ask. So I'm stuck on what to send. Are there certain things you cannot send? I want this to be perfect because he is really missing home.
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    You have to follow the post office rules, so google those when in doubt. His location might also have additional restrictions, which can vary by location.

    I think the best care package items are stuff that seems very "you". If you are an artist, paint or draw him a picture, for example. If you two have a favorite movie together, send him the DVD if he has access to a DVD player. Simple things that speak to the bond you two share and show him that the bond is still strong even while hess aware are generally much more meaningful and appreciated than high value items (which can easily disappear and due to the military mail insurance may not help) or the standard junk food.

    IF he loves Christmas and you want it to be obviously Christmas-y, you can send a super small tree (like the kind made for office desks) and maybe a tiny stocking. But you know him and know whether he'll actually appreciate that, or whether it will be just more stuff.

    Or maybe instead of a box full of stuff, write a heartfelt letter or record a message he can play over and over (on whatever technology has has access to).
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    Creativity can suddenly leave us ... we take the time to make each care package unique etc and I understand you not wanting to send candy... AGAIN!

    Since you are planning in advance, why not schedule a photo shoot for yourself and send him a nice professional picture in a frame? Or why not make a photo book of picture of the two of you together ( Snapfish... Wal-mart etc).

    I filled a stocking with DH favorite Christmas candy ( in moderation) and made a box full of decorations so he could get into the Christmas Spirit - which he loved!
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    Pinterest has tons of care package holiday ideas I have a long distance DB and I send him packages occasionally.

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