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Thread: DIY gifts

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    Big Grin DIY gifts

    Has anyone made any cute diy gifts for their SO?
    My marine loves the fact that I'm so creative and she really wants me to paint her something or craft her something and I just don't know what would be tasteful and not too cheesy. Any ideas?
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    A lot of my gifts to DH have been Diy. He's big into fishing, so personalized spinners and handmade lures and rigs has been a big one. I also made him a cute little booklet of cardstock cards with a ton of reasons why I love him shortly before he left for boot camp. It was super cheesu, but he adored it.

    Maybe make her something practical. Blank ceramic coasters don't cost much and then you could paint them however you want. If you know how to use alcohol inks I think they make super gorgeous coasters.
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    My boyfriend is going into boot camp right after Christmas so I didn't know what to get him since he's not gonna need or be able to use anything. One of my friends gave me a great idea. It's a tiny scrap book it's not even the size of you hand and it's in a mint tin so when he gets out of boot and can have personal things with him it will be easy and safe for him to keep and when ever he misses you you're right there. I have some cute pictures of the one I made but I don't know how to post them. Any questions feel free to ask ☺️

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