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Thread: Need help with a birthday care package!

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    Need help with a birthday care package!

    My boyfriend's birthday is right around the corner, and I need some ideas for his birthday themed care package. I've already started collecting a whole bunch of his favorite snacks but I'm not sure what else to put in there that specifically birthday themed.

    Has anyone sent a cake in a jar? I think that would be the cutest thing but I'm concerned about it breaking/going stale/ etc.

    And what about carbonated sodas? He LOVES Mountain Dew and I'm sure those would make his day. But I would be concerned that they would burst or something.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    For mine's birthday I sent a couple of new tshirts and some other small gifts like a sweat towel since it's hot where he is at. I also did a jar of notes for him to open at the beginning of each day for the next hundred days or so. I did send chocolate chip cookies wrapped up in a metal tin and he said they were still perfectly good when he got them. I'm not sure about sodas though I have yet to try that. I also put some party favors in there just to give it more of a birthday feel and wrapped all the gifts so it was like he was getting to open presents. I put balloons and some confetti laid out on top. I decorated it by gluing wrapping paper on the inside of the box and did a kind of happy birthday banner across the flaps.

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