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Thread: Need some care package advice?

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    Need some care package advice?

    This is my first deployment I've gone through, and it's already hard. my SO has only been gone for a little while but of course I miss him every day. His mother, my newest best friend, gave me the address where he can receive letters and packages, but I'm a little confused on how to address it, like which info goes on which line. Obviously I'm going to leave out all his personal information, but if you could just comment on which information goes on which line when addressing something.

    LCP (last), (first) Combat Cargo Unit ****** Det * Box *** FPO AE *****

    Also, do you have any suggestions as to what I should send him? I kept asking him about what he might need while he's over there but he really didn't give me a straight answer.

    Also, how do I go about shipping liquids, specifically soda? He LOVES mountain dew and I'm sure he's missing those right about now. Is sending a carbonated beverage going to be a problem? Im concerned with the higher pressure while on a plane. And what is the USPS rules about liquids??

    Thank you for all of your help. This page really is a lifesaver for me.
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    Here is the link to USPS - you can see how to address your package. USPS has a list of items you can't send. Also, each destination is different and has a list of what to ship and what not to ship!

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