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Thread: A couple of care package questions

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    A couple of care package questions

    I've been researching what to put in the care packages. It will be his first deployment so he does not really know what he will need or want while he is overseas so I've been compiling a list from a plethora of sources. He will be overseas during summer and I've been reading some contradictory things with some items I wanted to send and I was wondering what you all thought...
    He loves chapstick... I've read that it will melt all over but then I read that if they are in a tube it won't? Has anyone tried it or know for sure?
    He loves spicy food and I've read just to send him taco bell sauce, but he loves sriracha. Can I just put that in a pastic tube or something?
    Gum... I've read that it will most likely melt but what about breath mints?
    He chews tobacco and he said I could send that. Can I actually send that and is there a limit amount I can send at a time?
    Lastly, what is the deal with liquids? I've only read not to have it in glass and to make sure it's sealed but is there a limit on the amount of liquid? (I want to be a dork and send bubbles) haha

    Thanks for your help!
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    Anything liquid, put the container in a ziploc bag in case it breaks/leaks/explodes. I had no issues sending my ex liquids. Sriracha comes in a plastic container too so just stick that in a bag and it should be fine. I also sent both gum and breath mints with no problems.

    What you can't send varies by location so you may want to check the country's restrictions, no idea about tobacco but perhaps someone else can answer that.

    Edit - this thread has lots of good info - Care Packages 101

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    Yea, I've sent chapstick and liquids with no issues, just bag em up in case. I've sent chewing tobacco to Guam before with no issues.

    I also know a sriracha lover so I sent a some things from this site...
    I sent the keychain that can be carried around, that way they could use it on the boat (mess hall, or whatever its called)
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    Depending on what kind of deployment it is and what sort of bathing facilities he'll have access to/how often, my husband really liked baby wipes in the hot desert climates.

    As for the melty stuff, just bag it and see if it makes it. I wouldn't send chocolate or anything but chap stick seems reasonable, or even get a gel lip balm that is already kind of liquidy and might recover better if it does melt.
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    It really depends on where he's deployed and/or what facilities are available to him. I'd ask before I sent anything. If he's capable of buying those things himself wherever he's located I would not send them.
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    When I had a buddy deployed he didn't really get to shower that much cause he was out in the field more than he was at the I sent him wipes so he could feel somewhat clean till he got back to base.

    But while my husband was deployed on a ship I would send body wash to him. Bag it and make sure you have packed it tight.

    Things can always melt if they melt in the first place. I sent burger cookies (chocolate fudge on a sugar cookie) once to my sister and husband. One reported back it was a great mess the other reported they came out fine. At some point some locations will ask that you not send certain things due to the heat of the holding pen for mail. Mail can take a month in storage before it gets to a location sometimes. Right now I wouldn't send anything that is stinky like cheese (oh yes I have heard that one) to candy that melts.
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    DG loves to tinker with things when she needs to decompress, so Ive always put Legos in her care packages/Easter baskets. Really helps get their mind off of any stressful stuff if only for a little while. Maybe try some aromatherapy pillow spray from b&bw if you can do liquids.
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    When sending a care package, you have to follow both the USPS rules and the rules of the country where he's stationed (plus an additional rules that his base might have, which he should be to tell you).

    So, I googled the USPS regulations on tobacco.

    Cigarettes & Smokeless Tobacco
    Most cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products may not be mailed domestically or internationally.
    If you send anything that could melt, bag it so if it does melt, it doesn't damage anything else or compromise the box.
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    I would wait and see what he tells you he needs/wants. A lot of bigger places have a well stocked commissary where he can get pretty much anything he needs so sending things would be a waste of money for you.
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    I would wait until he gets there to send anything, unless he knows people over there already and can let him know if the place he's going to runs out of anything. Also, I've sent chewing tobacco to DH through UPS and they never said anything to me. But I know they can buy that at most places, so you might not have to worry about sending it anyway.
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