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Thread: Kuwait cp ideas

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    Kuwait cp ideas

    My soon to be hubby is getting shipped out soon not sure of the date but do know it will be winter here. Any ideas what I can start buying and putting up to send when he is gone? Sorry if this is dumb but I have no ideas.
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    DH is currently in Kuwait, and honestly there wasn't much he needed. They have a well stocked PX so I focused on sentimental items and things that reminded him of home such as homemade cookies, pictures, etc.
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    You can browse the CP forum (which is where you posted) for ideas of various CPs - Care Packages

    But yeah I'd wait until he gets there to see what he needs. My ex was also in Kuwait and the base he was at was super well stocked and he really didn't need anything at all. Gave me freedom to send whatever fun stuff I wanted.

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    I agree, they are pretty well stocked there. I would say send fun stuff or stuff that reminds him of home. I did send a bunch of cakes in jars and bread in jars and all of them loved that because it reminded them of home.

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