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Thread: Early Care Package - need ideas

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    Early Care Package - need ideas

    Hi all,

    My fiance (USAF C-130 pilot) just deployed to the "land of sand." This is our first deployment together (although I do have 'deployment experience' with friends and family who have served), and by 'JUST deployed', I really mean it as so - He will be gone a week tomorrow.

    Now, the base is pretty well stocked, and seeing how they just got there, they don't need much at this moment; however, he asked if I could send him his reading light, as well as an extra pillowcase.

    I want to fill the box, so it's 'worthwhile' to send; however, I'm sort of short on ideas, seeing as he doesn't need anything specific right now.

    So far I have the pillowcase, his light, jerky, [manly] hand lotion, a few snacks/candy, some of that powder you add to your water for flavor (I got him an energy booster one and a Propel/Gatorade one), and a "Thinking Of You" card with a little hand-written message in it from me....

    Is there anything else you can suggest I put in there? - Anything that some of your deployed loved-ones might bypass or overlook for themselves??

    [I tried to go through a list - shower stuff, towels, wipes, baby powder, sunscreen, etc etc etc - but he assured me he was all set and could always buy that at the BX..]

    Thanks in advance!!
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    When my DH was deployed I basically only sent what he asked for. It was not his first deployment (but was mine) and I trusted that he knew what he wanted/didn't want.

    That being said, his favorites were sheets from home and a pillow (the first box was large and expensive ). After that I sent a "what I love about you book" but I think it was more therapeutic for me to fill out the first month he was gone than him receiving it.

    Not sure your fiancé's scenario but my DH had access to a Keurig so my filler item was K-cups of apple cider.

    I guess my suggestion is to find a safe filler item, whether it is K cups or bags of snacks or something totally different...whatever he likes/can't get readily.
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    Depending on the situation, space might be an issue, so you might want to ask a few questions before sending stuff just to send it.

    I don't really ever do care packages, because they don't really feel lie me and DH doesn't care. But on the rare times I've sent him stuff, I wanted it to be very me or very us. Random food products are pretty forgettable, especially he if hasn't asked for something specific. Try to think of something that reflects you and your relationship. If you draw, send him some drawings. If you are religious, pick some favorite passages, and perhaps print them and embellish them to make them pretty, or send a daily bible calendar. If you aren't religious, you can do the same with other quotes.

    When DH and I started dating, we were long distance. I read him the first few Harry Potter books over the phone, a chapter a night. It became out thing. He was deployed when the 4th (or 5th?) book came out, so I read them on to tapes (yes, actual tapes!) and sent him those, along with a little Walkman, so I could still read him a chapter a night while he was on the ship. This cost me very little (tapes and a used player), but he loved it far more than some Easy Mac or toiletries, because it was a part of Us, while he was away. So look for meaningful things that help him stay connected to you.

    All that said, he did love when my mom sent him good coffee, but make sure he has access to a coffee maker and a grinder if necessary. (And if he doesn't and he has space, consider sending a french press if he has space to store it and access to boiling water.)
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    DB has already pretty much told me not to send anything he doesn't ask for unless its edible due to the limited space on a ship. Yours might have more room being on land but I still wouldn't assume he has much space. DB also suggested he will always need new socks and boxers.
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    First couple of deployments I probably (no .. I know) went overboard with packages. This time around I think I have sent one package and we are bearing down on the end. I agree with PP that unless he asks for something, don't send it. We talk as much as possible and exchange emails and that satisfies us both more than the whole package thing.
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    Just remember that the "land of sand" is very hot right now .... so my advice is not to send anything that will melt. I currently send my DH breakfast bars, granola bars, the prepacked dry oatmeal cups, nuts, and flavored water packets are huge because they drink so much water! I can understand wanting to "fill the box" when sending the items he asked for. Make sure that you pack your boxes tightly as they don't like the boxes to rattle around.

    As a corny thing... I send over pillow cases sprayed with the perfume he got me for xmas... put the pillow case in a zip lock bag and it still smells by the time it arrives! DH said that has been one of his favorite items to receive because it reminds him of me... and of home!
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    The best things that I got myself or I sent my husband were little. I got a postcard of a ridiculous pony grazing (who knows!) and when I see it I still smile. A little piece of notepaper with a sentence or two on it are the type of things I've found in his junk drawer. They're old and it makes me a little happy when I find them. Kind of like, "Oh yeah - he DOES have emotions". I know that it was usually disappointing feeling when a care package arrived and it had been melted and then formed, and melted then formed, and then melted about thirty times over the course of the box being mailed.
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    Try to make some thing, i mean handicraft. i always a pleasure to get such a present, especially when you miss home)

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