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Thread: Sending baked goods

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    Sending baked goods

    So DH really loves homemade cookies, but I'm not really sure how to ship them without them going stale. I've heard a slice of bread will help but I'm not sure if that's accurate? Ive also seen the "cake in a jar" thing, has anyone tried it? Did it work?

    Eta: He's in Japan so it will take a few weeks to get there.
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    I sent cookies several times and either packaged them in tins or double freezer bags and never had any issues. I know some people have done those plastic wrap system things where it sucks the air out. My CPs would take as little as 5 days and as much as 2 weeks to get to him.

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    I shipped the cake in a jar's to DH while he was deployed a couple years ago.

    It was a learning experiences, but it did eventually work out. I think there was something wrong with that oven though. He LOVED them. I just sent the icing over seperate and did cake in the jars.
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    what about those dry packet things? the silica dry pack things
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    foodsaver on gentle cycle always worked for me
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    I read somewhere and have used pringles cans as transport for cookies. Two drawbacks being, you have to make sure you clean it out and air it out so that your cookies don't smell like whatever flavor chip was in there and then making sure the size of your cookies will fit in to the tube. I've never had any issues though and no complaints from DB. I've also sent brownies and other items in the foil dishes. If there is extra space in the pan I pack in some wax paper or cling wrap to try and keep it fresh, then wrap in a plastic bag or something just incase it gets messy to not ruin the other things I send in the packages. I've also used extra plastic bags to just use as stuffing in the boxes to prevent stuff from moving around if I don't have any of those air packets that are normally used in shipping boxes. I only had one bad experience where candy exploded and melted bc DB couldn't get to the post office and apparently the box was left in the sun, but lesson learned I just wrap up anything that could melt away from the other stuff. Good luck!
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    I sent cookies, banana bread, pumpkin bread, cake in a jar, pie in a jar, I did it all. The pie was a huge hit and my husband and his friends loved it. Cookies/bread never got stale since they went out in the mail within 24 hours of coming out of the oven and it took 7-10 days to get to DH. Longest it took a box to get there was like 20 days. But I can bet even if the stuff gets stale, they will eat it.
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    The bread thing should work.

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    I'd probably send it in tupperware. Like real tupperware. That's what I'll be doing this coming up deployment.

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    I used to put them in ziplocks and they'd get there fine. Usually took less than a week to get there though.
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