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Thread: Sending baked goods

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    i didn't want to buy a food saver or anything, and the bread thing freaked me out for some reason lol.. i just used some tupperware and wrapped each stack of cookies in saran wrap and filled it as much as i could so there wasn't much air in there. he said they were great i'd do that again if he was gone long enough for me to want to be nice and send him goodies

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    I tried the cake and it molded by 10 days.
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    1. Chose a sturdy, not fragile baked good. 2. There ARE cookies that are meant to stay fresh a long time (like biscotti and shortbread). 3. The weather makes a big difference. Be aware of melting and spoiling potential. As a Soldier's Angel baker, I have sent packages to Afghanistan that took 2 weeks and packages to the Navy that took over 3 weeks each time. I suggest packing as airtight as possible (plastic wrap plus freezer weight ziplock bags or plastic storage containers) and make sure there is no wiggle room. If the cookies can move, they WILL break.
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    Um, hi, Monday. This thread is very old. Also, you might want to pop over and introduce yourself in the newbies section!
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