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Thread: How much to spend on a care package?

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    How much to spend on a care package?

    This will my be first, most of it will be food/candy. How much should i spend?
    I also won't be able to send many care packages while DB is gone due to my finances. I am a college student.
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    There's no amount you should spend - just send whatever you want to. I usually grab things here and there when I'm at the store. I may see something and be like "oh DB would LOVE that." I also make him things too or find stuff around the house, so that's def cheaper than buying. I'd say overall my boxes are around $50 each, but you definitely don't have to spend that much. I send the large priority mail boxes which are $15.90 for me to send, the smaller sizes will be cheaper.

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    There's no specific amount. Spend what you can comfortably afford.
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    Spend what you want on the items and then usually pay around $15 for shipping through USPS. They will mail you a free military care package kit if you call their 1-800 number.
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    The first CP I sent to DB I didn't spend a lot on at all and I think it's been his favorite. I sent him a CP of "me" I sent my favorite Chapstick so he could "taste me", a small thing of my perfume so he could smell me, a tiny winne the pooh bear so he could cuddle me, a small picture so he could see me. I was happy with it, but I was really surprised at how much DB LOVED it because I had spent so little haha. While DB is underway he keeps that small picture I'm his breast pocket and tells me he kisses me every night hehe. And he even uses the Chapstick even tho it's a strawberry lipsmacker because he ended up really needing it. The guys would be like uhmmm are you using a girls...and he would just be like...Yup! Haha

    Honestly, the thought is really what counts

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