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Thread: Shipping to Korea Timeframe??

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    Shipping to Korea Timeframe??

    This may have already been asked/answered but I could not location a thread. So my apologies if it is a duplicate.

    My DF is over in Korea for a year. I want to send packages but was just curious what the average timeframe is for it to be received?
    I want to be able to plan my packages in a timely fashion so I don't miss important dates.
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    If it helps, packages to Japan usually took roughly 10, except around Christmas. Sometimes they made it in as little as week and sometimes nearly 2.
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    Yupp same here .. my packages for Okinawa have taken 14 days. This Christmas one took a little longer, so I would think Korea is about the same. Always use Priority boxes too... sooo much cheaper!!
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    This thread says generally 7-9 days for Korea - Care Packages 101

    My DB is in Kuwait - CP#1 took 7 business days and CP#2 took 8 business days. I just sent CP#3 on Monday (I swear I'm not going overboard, lol), but I'm guessing this one will take longer with Xmas next week

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    When DH was in Korea, it took anywhere from 1-2 weeks, but usually it ended up being around the 10 day time frame if I remember correctly (except around Holidays).

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    My DH was at Kunsan and I shipped from the East Coast, it took about 10 days, a few times it was 7 days and around Christmas it was as long as three weeks.

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