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Thread: care package mistake - oops

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    care package mistake - oops

    Last week I sent my first care package to DB, the first one I've sent in about five years. Tonight I had a sykpe session with him, and he told me he got the package. He said he was a little confused however by one item, and held up a 12 pack of a certain regional brand and flavor of soda that I had put in the box. (one that is not a big seller, more of a specialty drink) I was so embarrassed, because I'd bought it at the store and later put it in there without even thinking.

    This soda was a favorite of my former partner, who was deployed in Iraq about 5 years ago. Every time I sent a care package I just automatically put in a 12 pack of it. I didn't even try to explain it, I just apologized, profusely. I think he knew or figured out what happened, but I don't think he's mad about it. He kind of squinted one eye and raised the other eyebrow and stared at me. He also wagged his finger at me a little bit, but then smiled and shook his head. I still can't believe I did that.

    Has anyone else ever put something in that they didn't intent to for whatever reason, or is just me?
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    I've never done that with a care package, but I've definitely done that with things at home. For example, I bought a caramel apple for DH the other day when I was at the grocery store-- got home and was like, "Oh shit, Idk if DH likes caramel apples!" I know my exhusband didn't... but uhhh... well... crap. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep certain esoteric preferences straight in my head.

    Luckily, he did like them... I got it right.

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