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Thread: Care packages to basic?

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    Hello Care packages to basic?

    My nephew is at Fort Jackson going through basic and I want to send him a package. I have never dealt with basic before, I don't know what restrictions there are while they are there, if they can receive extra goodies, etc. So, gimme the low down ladies. Is there a list somewhere of what they can get? We have sent letters but if I can send him more than that, I want to!

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    I know when my husband was in basic at Fort Jackson, he always told me to never send him anything other than letters. But I know the list of approved things from his Battalion were: personal photos, religious medallions, nail clippers, cash less than $50, religious text, unscented/perfume free hygiene items (no aerosols), pens, paper, stamps, blister pads, and address books. Anything other than what's on this list will be confiscated if his superiors find it and he will get in trouble.

    Personally, I only sent my husband stamps and personal photos. I tried to send him a religious medallion one time and when he received the envelope it was opened and the medallion was gone. I would not send anything of value like that, not only because it will likely not get to him but a lot of people in basic training have sticky fingers. So, even if it does get to him, someone around him might swipe it.
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    DH requested cough drops he said those things were like gold because it was the closest thing to candy they got!
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    I wouldn't. My husband wasn't allowed to get anything other than letters and there were a few guys that got packages and the whole platoon got punished for it. Needless to say, they were not very popular.

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