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Thread: Where is my care package?

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    Where is my care package?

    I know this site is for spouses, im going to give the link to my wife so she can apply, but she sent me a care package to Afghanistan on the 16th of June and i still havent received it, does take this long sometimes? it took a week for the first one to get here and but its going on 3 weeks now for this one. thanks for any help in advance.
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    Depending on the mail, weather, holidays.. literally anything, boxes to Afghanistan can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. It would take 2 weeks for my boxes, and I was shipping from Germany not the U.S

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    Mine have taken anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks to get to DH where he is, I wouldn't worry to much I'm sure it'll be there soon!
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    sometimes DH received my care packages in a week (Alaska to Afghanistan), sometimes it took several weeks....and one instance took 2 months. Reason for that one? Whomever was responsible for mail distribution in his area didn't do their job...nothing to do with USPS not sending it, the soldier didn't get it taken care of.

    (MSOS disclaimer - I am not degrading soldiers or anyone who works, simply stating the reason why a care package took 2 months to be delivered to my husband.)
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    I dont if Im wrong but the guy at the postoffice last year told me That APO can take up to 45 business days. Idk but usually it always took around 2 to 6 weeks
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    One box took over a month to get to my DB. Sometimes they get there faster and sometimes they don't. Ask her to track it on USPS, you can see up until it's left the US.

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