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Thread: Valentine Care Package

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    Valentine Care Package

    My DB's birthday is three days after Valentines Day and I'd like to send him a care package that encompasses both of those, I have a photographer friend who is going to do a photo shoot with me next week but aside from sending him a few pictures and a handwritten letter I have no idea what else to send. I know he doesn't drink coffee, he loves chai so I'm thinking of sending him his favorite vanilla chai tea. What I'm really looking for is ideas or advice, he is in the US so there shouldn't be any problems with what I can and can't send. But I am not entirely sure.

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    Does he have an Amazon wish list? I used that for my DBs Christmas present since I knew it would ship to his address while deployed. Also, think about packing some of his favorite snacks or treats. I sent Air Heads and other candies for my DB for Valentine's, as well as tea (he loves green tea).
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    Maybe some "I owe you's" for when he gets a sensual massage or something along those lines...
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    It may seem a little corny, but look up "Exploding Love Box" on Pinterest. I make one for my DB but left it flat to ship it. Other than that, homemade goodies to go with that chai.

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