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Thread: Valentines

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    I know it's early but I'm going to start planning DBs Valentine's package. So far, I'm going to send him a framed photo of us, a Valentine's card, a "52 reasons I love you" card deck (really cute ideas on pinterest), and Clif Bars and his favourite sweets. Does anyone else have any ideas?? I don't want to send him chocolate as he is in Italy and already has access to decent chocolate and coffee!
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    My DB is stationed in Okinawa so I have a bit of a hard time figuring out what to send him sometimes since he can get pretty much anything he needs already.

    Do you like decorating/painting?
    I send DB care packages about once every two months and he gets so excited when I hand paint them.

    For his Halloween CP I put rice krispies along the bottom, but wrote Halloween themed puns on the blank message space (it's our thing, when I hear puns and laugh uncontrollably and he just groans) You could put corny pick up lines :3

    I've sent poweraid mix, T-shirts, chips, 'open when' letters, small bottles filled with the shampoo and perfume I use (so he can put it on his pillow while he sleeps) pictures, an old shirt of mine for him to sleep with.

    Does he take supplements? (I'm only assuming since you mentioned sending cliff bars)
    Maybe you could send a bag of muscle milk (It's seriously the best tasting protein shake I've ever tried) or his favorite pre-work out supplement.

    I hope this gave you some ideas! (Be sure to google Jo My Gosh to check out her stuff for ideas too, she's like..the CP queen )
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    I was hoping there would be more ideas to fill help DH's care package.

    I'm sending sour gummies in the shape of lips, Reeses in a tube with a heart at the top, red ballons that my girls and I will decorate for him to blow up, a "hug" from each of my girls (outline of them with their arms spread out on butcher paper...maybe cut out), a coupon book for him to use when he gets back (he loves them), a bunch of paper heart confetti, and then some odds and ends and a small present that aren't really Valentine's Dayey.

    One year, I sent him a book. It was preprinted and I filled in the blanks. Like it would say, "I knew I first loved you when____________________________."

    I really need to get on pintrest for more ideas.
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    I am going to make my DF some home made cookies. Otherwise im pretty clueless and he wont help me at all lol.

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