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Thread: Christmas ideas

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    Christmas ideas

    Anyone have any ideas for christmas care packages? Db is a big gamer but he already has a large collection from friends and family that he needs to work through.

    The other challange we face is we have Christmas at the end of Dec , our dating anniversary at the end of Jan, and his birthday in March....... So I'm running out of care package ideas.

    Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Um for Christmas you could decorate the inside with garland and Christmas cards. I have seen some with lights haha. For the inside you could pack the packages in a tin Christmas cookies, you could pack a gift maybe something cute like I know some people send little presents for them to open but buy them a big present to put up for when they come back. Whatever he likes you could make homemade stuff around it, like I am making Star trek badges from felt for my DB (big trekkie). Maybe some snacks that are holiday themed. I have heard that some people send microwavable food if they have a microwave. Your anneversary you could place pictures in the box of you two with something like you have the key to my heart, and birthday packages you could decorate with birthday supplies. pinterest really helps me
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    For DH I sent a lot of candy and treats that he likes. I also made some of his favorite cookies and sent those. He really only liked either edible things, or to send movies/books/music/etc. so he could use them on his computer. So I also got a hard drive and put some Christmas-y movies on it for him to watch.

    I never really did "themes" though so I can see how that would be harder!
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    are you unsure how to decorate, or what to actually put it in as far as gifts and food? For my DH's birthday when he was deployed I sent him a package that was lined with happy birthday wrapping paper I sent him all his favorite snacks and tied them in curly ribbon just to make it more birthday-ey, a fun musical card, and a photo gift of our dogs from Walmart. For Christmas you could also line the inside of the box with Christmas wrapping paper, send a miniature tree and stocking, maybe some movies that he could watch in his downtime? If he has to pay to use a phone, then maybe a calling card with a certain amount. Dating anniversary Really depends if you are wanting to just go the sentimental route, or big gifts. I just do the sentimental... it if were me i'd decorate the inside with some key pictures of us together... hmmm... I don't know what else. Maybe i'm not as good at this as I thought I just mostly replenished my DH's favorite snacks each package, with a few funny little cheap trinkets thrown in to make him smile.

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