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Thread: Closer and closer to Deployment

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    Help Closer and closer to Deployment

    The days are narrowing down as to when he deploys. Its getting harder and harder for the both of us everyday. Im not sure what im supposed to do while he is gone and what to do to keep myself pre-ocupied. I know some days will be harder than others but I know that its something I can accomplish, im just a little scared to be honest. I just want to know that he will be okay and that he doesnt get hurt. I have never gone through a deployment before so im not totally sure what to expect or how things will be. Will he be able to call or write me or email me? I feel I have so many questions and dont know any answers....
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    I know how you feel. DH just left a couple weeks ago so I can tell you that the anticipation of the days leading up to it is horrible which you already know. So far those days have been the hardest for me, not to say that it isnt hard now but once the deployment starts you can start counting down to the end. Dont get me wrong, it definitely sucks. As far as phone calls that will probably depend on the day honestly, I get phone calls from DH occassionaly when he has some down time but I think that just depends on where they are and whats going on. Good luck!

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