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Thread: What can and can't he get on his ship?

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    What can and can't he get on his ship?

    Hi! Db's first care package was just finished! I sent a zillion girl scout cookies, pictures, and more junk food than necessary. But I was still a little lost about what else to send.

    Any advice on what he can and can't get on his ship? Cigarettes, snacks, toiletries? Should I send him stuff like deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste? Or can he get that kind of stuff easily?

    What about cigarettes/lighters? Would a carton of cigarettes go stale before he got them?

    Sorry so many questions! He is so tight lipped about what he needs/wants! Any general advice on what he can or can't get on a ship or even in port would be great. He is in the med if that makes a difference on what he can get in ports!

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    You can't send a lighter through USPS, so don't do that. I'm not sure about cigarettes. You can send him toiletries if you want, though he can generally get all that stuff on the ship (though not always his favorite brands).

    Keep in mind that if you send too much, he won't have room for it. They don't have a ton of space.

    Also, you have to follow USPS rules as well as ship rules, so google what the post office allows. That's why you can't send a lighter.
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    if you send him some cigarettes, they should be fine.

    during DH's first deployment, i'd send him some, and they'd take about 3 weeks to get to him. he never complained.
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    If you send toiletries, try and send flat/narrow bottles. That'll help it fit in his locker under his rack or in his coffin locker. You can send cigs I'm pretty sure, but nothing flammable like lighters-- I wouldn't even try matches personally. He can get lighters there, so don't worry about it. DH was deployed to the Med last year (gosh, that's a depressing realization ), and they can get just about anything in port. Souda Bay has a great NEX, so no worries there. I sent DH's favorite toiletries (he's picky), good sauce for his ship food (I'm sending him with a bottle of Asian Zing from BWW this time lol), etc. Like I sent him Alba cream shave, his favorite deodorant, shampoo/conditioner combinations that are actually nice quality, etc. I also sent razor blades for his razor so that he didn't have to get cheapies. I also sent a bunch of pictures and sentimental stuff, food, books, etc. But I waited for him to send me some of the books back before I sent him a second shipment of them. I always double-checked that he had enough room for what I was sending before I sent it.

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