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Thread: Belated Birthday CPs

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    Belated Birthday CPs

    DH's birthday was like 20 days ago >.< I'm a terrible wife! I was waiting on something in the mail and it still hasn't come so I'm sending it out now anyway. It was really hard for me to get motivated to do these CPs, I don't know why. I feel better now that I'm getting them ready to send out. Esp after my crappy day yesterday and not hearing from him in close to a week. I'm excited for him to get these.

    So I think I'm sending out three... But I only decorated the one I put his presents in. I got him a couple movies, one of those cool frog towel things. And the "what I love about you" book, which I think he'll REALLY like. Then I got squirt guns and water balloons and food and some part favor-ish things. I also got some of those velcro catch games and a little football, just things that seemed fun to do with the other guys he's there with (any other suggestions for that stuff would be great since I'm not sending it out for at least two or three days still, I can add a couple more things). Hopefully it puts a smile on his face.

    I got two gift bags and cut them up to decorate the inside of the box! And then I put this shiny stringy stuff in the middle and some confetti stuff on the top.

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    Oh wow! I love it & I'm sure he will too!
    "You think you know what you're looking for, till what you're looking for finds you."
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    So cute! I struggled with mine this month... I did a finding Nemo themed one since it is his favorite movie. It just looked to plain to me! I don't know I guess I just like everything to be very decorated. Yours is so adorable! I hope he enjoys it!

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