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Thread: Send it now...or wait??

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    Send it now...or wait??

    I was planning to send a package to DB for his upcoming bday. I've sent packages before that take around 9-12 days to reach him. I would need to send it out this week in order for it to make it before his bday, however, with heightened terror alerts, and flooding in parts of A'stan, I'm thinking this box might take a little longer to reach him. Normally, it wouldn't be a big deal, but I was planning to send homemade cookies in this package to give him a little taste of home and something different (I've been sending store bought everything before). So what do you think...should I go ahead and send it now or would it be best to wait? Not sure how the alerts etc. affect the mail....
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    Idk. I'd send it now just cause mail is unpredictable anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by belovedreamery View Post
    Idk. I'd send it now just cause mail is unpredictable anyway.
    Agreed. You just never know with the mail system over there. Threats or not, a package can take as quickly as a few days to a few weeks. I'd just send it now.

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