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Thread: made a list of my ideas...i love suggestions!

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    made a list of my ideas...i love suggestions!

    Hi all!
    So, DB left on Sunday and while I wait for an address, I decided to get on pinterest and online and REALLY plan out my care packages so when its time to send them, they'll be perfect!
    I got a TON of ideas off if you use insta, I suggest following @creativecarepackages! there are such great ideas on there!!

    ok so is the list of the ideas that I have come up with. I need suggestions on quite a few! All input is welcome! Happy sending

    1. Take Care Package (first one)
    -neck&back heating pad (publix pharmacy area)
    -homemade pillow case ("if we're in eachother's dreams, we can be together all night"
    -neosporin and camo bandaids
    -shower soothers (theres a DIY recipe on pinterest for shower soothers to clear sinus! poor DB gets sinus infections and stuffyness)
    -sneaker balls (two sets, bought at marshall's for only $3.99! make sneakers/boots smell way better)
    -"the rhythm of life" by matthew kelly (((best book ever btw. i highly suggest it to EVERYONE)
    -photo album w/pictures of us
    -feet cooling wipes (pinterest)

    2. "hot stuff" -- DB LOVES SPICE!
    -mini tabasco bottles (world market)
    -cinnamon bears (like sour patch kids)
    -tabasco chocolate (world market)
    -jalapeno almonds
    -miniature fan
    -chips &hot salsa
    -hot jerkey
    -flaming cheetos
    -hot sunflower seeds
    -etc..(food wise)

    3. halloween care package
    -gummy worms
    -jelly bean pumpkins (pinterest)
    -candy (duh)
    -"emergency costume" glasses w/nose from party city
    -scary movies & popcorn
    -i considered sending some sexy pictures in a halloween costume (i bought a cop one, since he's a cop!)
    -batman stuff (since he loves batman)

    4. thanksgiving
    -lots of food!!!
    -hormel meats (ive seen tons at publix)

    -im a little stumped here...any ideas??

    5. his birthday!
    ok so, for his birthday and christmas i'm buying him two tickets to miami's ultra music fest (they're quite expensive, so its a combined gift). Ultra has lots of glow sticks, body paint, etc.. so i thought of decorating the inside of the box black with glow paint on the sides and making it that theme!
    -cake in a jar
    -birthday oreos
    -food and snacks wrapped up like presents
    -and of course, a little scroll to tell him he's going to ultrafest!

    6. Christmas
    -snowman hot cocoa (pinterest)
    -sugar cookies / holiday cookies
    -christmas ornament
    -miniature christmas tree (charlie brown style)
    -christmas stocking

    7. new years
    -mince pies (its a tradition in my family to make these..SO GOOD! we actually make them around christmas time but they stay good for quite a while! the first bite you take is supposed to be your first wish for the new year.
    -party stuff!
    -beer pong kit! (red solo cups, ping pong balls, and maybe some rootbeer!
    -calendar w/special dates until he comes home
    -party poppers
    -coal (another family tradition.)

    ----OK, is the root beer going to be an issue?? i'm still a little confused about liquids ----

    8. home care package
    -i got a ton of post cards from his home town
    -chopsticks from his favorite sushi place & candy sushi
    -i thought of decorating the inside with maps of the area
    -beach cookies (pinterest) (hes from the beach)
    -then lots of food/randoms

    9. starbucks/wake up
    -starbucks via coffee mix for water bottles
    -starbucks snacks (the cookies, mints, etc..)
    -i thought about the starbucks energy drinks?
    -DIY coffee mug from pinterest (where you write in sharpie)
    -breakfast foods
    -----i saw non refrigerated, pre cooked bacon at publix. anyone ever tried that stuff?

    10. milk & cookies
    -homemade cookies
    -milk cartons (non refrigerated ones from publix)
    --this is an in-between package, i thought i'd send enough for the whole unit since theres <15 of them

    ok so those are my ideas. if you have any other fun awesome ideas that I can put in to these please let me know!! i love getting ideas!!
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    Spray the pillowcase with tons of your perfume & seal it in a ziplock bag. I did this for DF & he loves it. I've sent canned liquids to DF before & it was fine. I've never tried sending soda, though. I've had non-refrigerated, pre-cooked bacon before & it was alright.
    "You think you know what you're looking for, till what you're looking for finds you."

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