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Thread: How to send a camera?

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    How to send a camera?

    I want to send a disposable camera and try and have him do something cool for my nephew. My question is, how can I send the camera (in a box with other things) so that the film isn't affected? Or how can I tell him to send it back so I can get it developed? I know people have sent them over before, I just don't want to take a chance of the film being messed up when he sends it back.
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    I would just make sure to wrap it up in something like a towel or newspaper so it doesn't get damaged. I would assume the film would be fine unless somehow the actual film was exposed to light.
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    I would do a small box with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Send 2 or 3 just in case one gets damaged but I really wouldn't put an extreme amout of thought into it.
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    I'd worry about the heat and wait until it is a bit cooler if you don't have any time pressures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by villanelle View Post
    I'd worry about the heat and wait until it is a bit cooler if you don't have any time pressures.

    Also, higher ISO films are more volatile. Keep the camera in the black bag is comes in and buy only 100 or 200 ISO and it shouldn't be a problem. Film is shipped all the time!

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