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Thread: Frequency?

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    Confused Frequency?

    Does anyone have an opinion on how frequent care packages should be sent? I want him to know I care and naturally love to spoil him, but there is such a thing as being too spoiled! Thoughts?
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    Through DF's last deployment that lasted 6.5months... I usually sent a care package (sometime 2 or more boxes) every 2 weeks during the 'mail-able' period (which was approx 5 months). I may have gone overboard for his birthday because I sent him about 5-6 boxes because I made birthday cake-in-a-jar enough for 12 people + all the frosting, party plates, forks, candles - the whole kit n caboodle

    I'd like to think that was waaaaayyy spoiling him, but I didn't care... as much as he loved receiving them, I loved making and sending them

    If he were to deploy in the future, I would definitely try to send him at least one a month.
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    I sent packages every two weeks, it was usually one box every two weeks unless it was around a holiday, then it might be two boxes because for like Halloween and Christmas (and maybe Thanksgiving) I sent stuff for some of his friends too.

    *haha when I opened this thread up, I thought maybe were talking about how often we go to the bathroom for some reason... I think it's all of those commercials about women who pee too much!

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    I did mine once a month
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    I did mine every 2-3 weeks and I think he only recieved like 1/2 or a 1/3 of them. Idk what went wrong but we had a talk when he got home "did you like this? did you get that?" and the answer was usually that he never got it lol
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    I am bad. DH has been gone for 3 weeks and I haven't even started getting stuff together. I am going to have stuff sent from Amazon to him soon though
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    I did mine every 2-3 weeks. There were times when he asked for the more or less frequently, but that seemed to be a good amount of time in between them.

    We never ran into issues of him being "too spoiled," but there were times he did run out of space to store things that I sent (snacks, etc.) and he didn't want to keep them somewhere public because stuff got stolen a lot.
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    Is he on the boat, or at home on base?

    Personally, I wouldn't send anything more than once a month if he's on the boat. He likely has a tiny stateroom, shared with a bunch of other people. There just isn't much space to store stuff. Of course, he can always give stuff away to friends, but that seems like a bit of a waste. (As a side note, my DH was very popular in the squadron ready room because my mom sent him good coffee which he brewed in the ready room for everyone, so coffee might be a good thing to include!)
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    I used to do at least one package a month, usually 2. Around birthdays and holidays, he'd get an additional one. I was addicted to sending them.

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    I sent one a month. There were a couple months when I sent two just so he could have some extra snacks.

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