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Thread: help, please!

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    help, please!

    okay, I do not know how in the world to fill out the address on the box or the customs form for my first care package. I've looked online to find examples and the information I have is different than what the examples are showing.. help! (
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    The address isn't going to fit "perfectly" with what the forms say. The best advice I can give you is what I did, and I basically just made sure I had all the info filled out on the form, ignoring what the lines were designated for (except the name) just kinda make it fit
    If all else fails, ask the people at your local post office how to fill it out. It's been a while since Ive had to do one of those things so I don't remember exactly what the lines specify.
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    Yeah I agree with Hottie. With APO and stuff it's not going to fit exactly right. I think I kind of smashed it onto one line and then maybe the APO AP 12345 stuff on the next line.

    Also don't stress about detailing every single thing you put in there. Like if you have candy, pretzels, crackers, etc. you can just put "snacks" instead of listing things out. I used a lot of broad terms like that - snacks, games, books, etc.
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    APO is the city, AE is the state. the zip code is the zip code. Leave country blank. The unit number or name is the street address.

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