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Thread: Father's Day Care Package Ideas?

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    Help Father's Day Care Package Ideas?

    This will be my hubby's first Father's Day, and also the first care package I have ever made... I am not really sure what I am doing or what I should do at all lol. Anyone have any ideas? TIA
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    I did a box of snacks, a fan, a card, candy. Normal stuff that I send. I covered the inside of the box with collage pictures of our family and painted my son's feet and put his footprints on one of the flaps. I plan to do that once a month so he can keep the flap and see how he grows. They've asked that we not send things that aren't consumable since they are shutting down bases so i didn't send gifts per se, but i did put in some card games.
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    I know, it's late, but maybe you could use this next time. Go to and create a book of all the things you and your little one(s) love about him I did this for my boyfriend right before he deployed. I honestly wasn't sure if he'd go for it, since it's kind of cory. I thought it was really cute personally. Turned out... HE LOVES IT! It's something he can read over and over again that reminds him of me. If your DH can be mushy at times, this could be good. They usually have specials for holidays too. If he isn't a romantic though, it may not be the right option. I hope this helps.

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