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Thread: Care package held up in Customs?

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    Help Care package held up in Customs?

    I sent a CP (large flat rate usps) to DB at the end of March...It have been over a month and the package has still not reached him over in Afghanistan. I understand that time frames vary with every package but this seems a bit extreme. Generally, with the 15 or so other packages that I've sent to him so far they have arrived in 10-14 days. I sent out another package yesterday and inquired about my concerns and they stated that the CP could be stuck in customs somewhere....

    Has anyone else experienced this before? and if so, how long until the problem was resolved and were there any other people/numbers to contact other than the standard USPS track and confirm?
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    Did you do anything different this time? When I sent DH a more expensive package than usual and insured it, it took much longer to get to him and went to a different place, and no one there told him he had mail. However I couldn't really call anyone ... I did call USPS but they said once it gets to its destination its out of their hands as to what happens to it (regarding it reaching the APO system etc.).

    Also depending on where he is stationed and what's going on, mail can be affected. After the "spring offensive" started the mail seemed to be a lot more sporadic (we were warned this might happen).
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    Are you able to track it at all? The first few CPs I sent, I didn't realize that there was free tracking. Now I am able to see where things stand, which is helpful.

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