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Thread: Is It Too Early To...

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    Is It Too Early To...

    Send a St. Patty's day package from east coast to Iraq/Kuwait region?

    Ok so I have a lot of ideas for a St. Patty's day package and since the weather is bad here on the east I figured this would be the perfect weekend to get it done. But I am wondering if it would be too early to ship off now?

    Have you guys ever sent a package that got there REALLY early and what did he say when he got it? LOl
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    You never know how long it will take to get there either. I've sent some to DB that have taken 2 weeks, but others that took 2 months to get to him. I don't think it would be too early to send. DB never complained getting a care package early He was just happy to receive something.
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    It can take weeks to get where it is going so you are probably on the ball if you sent it out now. That way, even if it takes a little while it can reach him in time. I don't think he would mind getting it early. Plus, if there aren't any perishable yummies in there, you could always put "don't open until St. Patty's" on the box

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    I was thinking of sending my St Patty's Day CP this week too, but I ended up just sending a batch of cookies on Friday to "hold him over" until the big St. Pattys Day CP ! I'm sure no one would ever complain about getting a CP early though!!
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    I'm pretty sure DH never cared when the CP got there. As long as it made it, early or late, he was over the moon that I would put that much effort into something for him and his shop.

    Do I personally think it's to early? Nope. I think it is really good timing if you get it in the mail on Monday!
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    how long have your other packages taken? When my brother and DH were in Afghanistan, it took about 2-3 weeks. Iraq always seemed about 2 weeks for me, but that was years ago.

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