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Thread: Sending Chocolate??

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    Confused Sending Chocolate??

    Hi everyone! This will be my first care package, and I was wondering: can I send my soldier chocolate? I've read a lot that advises not to, but I've also seen a lot of pictures of people's care packages with chocolate in them. It's February right now, so that means winter. And I will be sending to Afghanistan. Is it okay to send chocolate right now? I'm sure not in summer because of the extreme heat, but since it's still winter right now, would it be okay? My soldier has quite a sweet tooth for chocolate.

    Oh! Also, I make these peanut butter cookies that he absolutely LOVES that are basically just peanut butter and brown sugar. Would it be okay to send him some of these too? I've read that you shouldn't include goods with brown sugar in them, so idk...

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Since its winter right now, chocolate should be totally fine.

    As long as the cookies don't have butter in them, or are baked, they should be fine. You just want to be careful about perishable items.
    R.I.P. My Love, Everyone was supposed to come home together, I'm sorry you had to come home early
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    Quote Originally Posted by azarmygf View Post
    Since its winter right now, chocolate should be totally fine.

    As long as the cookies don't have butter in them, or are baked, they should be fine. You just want to be careful about perishable items.
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    I sent chocolate even in summer....I just made sure they were in ziploc bags. We knew they would melt, but the are these specific chocolate bars from trader joes that he loves and he told me he didn't care if they got melted. He did have a refrigerator where he worked, though, so he was ale to stick anything melted in there to harden it back up . If there was any chance of anything leaking, I always put it in a ziplock bag. Even in winter with chocolate. I knew if I didn't, my box would end up getting placed right above a source of heat in whatever aircraft it flew over on, and there would still be a liquid mess :p. you laugh, but it happens! I sent him some deodorant in winter, and despite the sub freezing temperatures, it came to him melted (and rehardened by then)
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    I sent chocolate till the end of may, then I stuck with sweets that wouldn't melt.
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    its not as hot there right now, chocolate should be fine. i've never had an issue sending any kinds of cookies as long as they are packaged properly.

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    I agree, for 3 months now I am sending weekly packages to Afganiland with chocolates and homemade cookies. Never had a problem. chocolate never got there melted. I used sometimes butter or brown sugar in the cookies and still were ok. Longer it took to get there was 3 weeks, when normaly he would get the package in one week.
    When I make cookies with butter of brown sugar I make sure to package them in airtight containers - best are the tin cans/boxes. also add a piece of bread (wrapped in a tissue) together with the cookies. The bread will drain all the moist and keep the cookies fresh. Just make a note for him to throw away the bread when receiving - that will not taste so nice
    Happy baking!
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    I always just send anything that could melt or burst open in zip lock bags.
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    I sent chocolate sporadically from May to Oct... sometimes they melted sometimes they didn't! Like PPs mentioned, just make sure they are separately wrapped and in ziplock bags. I never made homemade cookies, but I did used to send loaves of bread (DF loved making PB sandwiches or just eating the bread alone when he didn't have time to get to chow or had to run). Only once in 6 months did it not make it to him before it went 'bad'. But that was because he was switching bases and his mail got forwarded waaayy early. It was fine, he just threw it out and ate everything else in the package.

    Oh, DF received his gummy bears all metled together a few times He really could not have cared less

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