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Thread: V-Day Care Packages

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    V-Day Care Packages

    February is almost here!!! I know it usually takes about 3 weeks or so for my DB to get his mail, so I'm getting started on my care package ASAP!

    I was planning on getting a box of kid Valentines (you know, the ones everyone hands out to each other in Elementary school?) and having a bunch of my family and friends write little notes (thank you for your service, etc.) and sending all of them along with the usual chocolates and stuff.

    What do you guys think? Does anyone else have any good ideas?
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    I think the valentine idea is pretty cute. Just be careful sending chocolates depending on where he is. If he is anywhere really hot then they probably wont make it and I would suggest cookies or brownies packaged carefully instead.

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    I am going a little cheesy with mine lol...I made a couple collages of us and am going to do one in the shape of a heart that says will you be my valentine and glue a ring pop to it...then just do candies and other things in the box <3

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    Last year I made him red velvet cake in a jar.. This year I'm making him valentine funfetti cake in a jar and sending him some candies and random little lovey things and sprinkling fake rose petals in the box before I tape it up
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    I think its a cute idea! DH hands out valentines every year.. I usually bake something for him to hand out with his cards!
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    My DB hasn't given me an address yet, I doubt I get one. So I think I'm just going to hand-make him a card and hopefully get to skype with him and just show it to him. If the skype date doesn't work out, I'll take pics and email it! lol Cheesy is always good...right?
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    I think that's cute and a great idea.

    DB and i are super mushy/cheesy. We go all out for these kinds of holidays. My daughter and I are making him Valentine's gnomes out of the V-day Hershey's Kisses and attaching cheesy sayings to candy bars (like "You're my shining star" on a package of Starburst). I always do homemade cards so he'll get one of those. I'm sending a picture of my daughter and I, like an actual printed photo, as he doesn't have any actual pictures to frame since this is the era of digital photography. All his pics of us are on his phone and computer. Then I just got some random stuff that I thought he'd like. It's not going to be a big package, but it's my test package to see how long it'll take to get one from here to there. His first test package (from his mom) arrived last week so we know he will get his mail.
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    I think im going to send him all his favourite foods and a valentines day card with confetti and stuff and maybe spray my perfume on something so it smells like me and then just write a letter and send a photo of us or something like that, we kind of went for a valentines day meal on his r and r so we have sort of celebrated it already il wrap everything in red tissue paper as well

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