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Thread: Question about decorating the inside of a flat rate box...

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    Confused Question about decorating the inside of a flat rate box...

    Hi everyone. I'm in the process of putting together my first care package to my husband in Afghanistan. I want to decorate the inside of the box, you know, like the flaps when they open the box. I want to put paper over the flaps and write on it but I was wondering if I need to claim those decorations on the customs form. Have any of you done that and did you have to claim it on the form? Thanks in advance!

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    no. i dont even put whats really in the box on the customs form. just "snacks. books/magazines. clothes. games"
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    I never claimed any of the decorations.
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    I barely put what was in the box on the forms, lol. Then again, dh didn't want anything other than pretzels and soap (that proceeded to explode in the boxes).

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    I agree with the PPs, I usually just listed two or three items.
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    No, I never do. TBH, I always lie about whats on the forms since I have heard of 'good' CPs being stolen, so no matter what is in there I only put 'magazines' 'books' 'soap' (although. I never send anything illegal anyway, mostly cookies and snacks).
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    Same. I only specifically list things if they're expensive or important.
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