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Thread: Game ideas

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    Game ideas

    Ladies, I would like to include some different games in my next CP, but I'm just drawing a complete blank as to what would be good to send. There are just so many options. I ask the collective for help. Suggestions please!
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    I sent DF stuff to play poker. I got this whole kit that was in a tin so it fit perfectly in it. He also like those travel sized games, like handheld monopoly, yahtzee, bop-it, and this weird fishing game.
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    What kinda game ideas?

    Like video games could be:
    -Halo 4
    -Call of Duty: Black ops 2
    -Assiasins Creed
    -The new Hitman

    Bored Games:
    -Card games
    -Poker Chips

    I sent DB alot of Sodoku and Mad Lib books too lol
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    I sent a mini casino I found at a local party store before as well as a mini poker table.

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