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Thread: Speaking of Halloween!

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    Cloud 9 Speaking of Halloween!

    Could I send a picture of myself dress in naughty halloween attire to my SO. Or is that offensive as well! What have you guess done in the past for Halloween carepackages?!? just curious!
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    This year I'm gonna do a naughty & nice theme.
    I'm gonna split the box in half one side is going to be a little Xrated and the other all lovey and cutesy.
    for example I'm gonna write a love letter, and a dirty letter
    i was gonna send a picture of me dressed up all cute (lilbopeep)
    and a picture of me dressed up in another matter
    i have a lot more ideas for this package cant wait to start

    I'm guessing is different in every section because my dh is a Navy submariner and i think they are ok with then receiving some of this items/pics
    and he didnt complain about the last one i sent him
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    Just make sure that he knows to open it in private. From what I've read, they aren't supposed to have sexually provocative stuff (pictures, magazines, videos, etc). Plus you don't want a bunch of random guys oogling your picture anyway.

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