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Thread: Kid for a day

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    Kid for a day

    Ok so I don't have pictures but bc my camera is deciding to

    But DBs latest carepackage was kid themed we have a inside joke that I'm like a soccer mom bc I'm always taking care of him and doing "motherly/wifey" things for him and his friends and whenever they visit I always have tons of snacks for them haha so here's the contents

    -small containers of play doh (came in a set of 5/$1.50 )
    -bubbles that don't pop (they're those gooey plastic things)
    -temporary tattoos( I can't wait to see the pictures with these)
    -Harry potter jelly beans (I sent those in one package and they've been requested in all)
    -sharkies fruit snacks
    -Kool aid water mix
    -propel water mix
    -milk and cereal bars
    -fart putty
    -prank envelopes from urban outfitters ( these are adult themed, however I think the concept of pranking is in theme lol)

    and of course the usual beef jerky, tuna and protein bars (psst! SAMs has a really good deal on jerky right now! 2 big bags for 8.99)

    Then I copied rose and did the cat fancy thing (thanks! )
    I also sent another jar of spotted dick apparently they liked it

    He also requested a few things:
    -Lifting gloves he said he's been working out a lot and his hands are calluses and hurting
    so I also sent him some super girly hand cream and gloves. I know he won't use the gloves but still
    -pictures from home so I made a DVD
    -apricot scrub and body wash. He cracks me up ever since he used my face wash as a joke in the shower once he loves it an always steals mine

    He's told me he doesn't need baby wipes or anything like that. This is such a diff deployment for me, the care packages are def a lot more fun it gives me more room for the funny things since I don't have to pack in all the bare neccesities.

    i my fall 09 wives
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    Wow lots of stuff in there! Definitely sounds like he'll enjoy it!
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    super cute idea! I might "borrow" some of your ideas if you dont mind!!
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    Yessss! Dunkaroos!

  5. They call me Mouse Potato
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    thats a really cute idea! i may have to borrow some ideas in the future.
    DH: "Your even more beautiful as my wife"

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    Cute idea. I am sure he will love it.
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    Super cute! I'm sure he'll love it! I love it, in fact I took a couple ideas for DB's upcoming care packages when he deploys.

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    Super cute idea! I'm going to have to steal this.
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    cute idea
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