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Thread: New to deployment

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    Help New to deployment

    Can anyone tell me the rules for sending care packages? I dont wanna do anything that breaks the rules.

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    Well I'll probably be of very little help because I'm new to deployment as well. I would suggest going back to the older threads and looking at the pictures that some of the ladies here have posted of their care packages. I'm sure you can get some ideas of what you can send and not send. I know it's helped me out a lot because in a few weeks I'll be sending my very first one. Sorry... not much help I know lol

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    There aren't to many rules... its really just what is and is not allowed to be mailed through the USPS...
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    I know for DH who is in Iraq we can't send any pork products, offensive pictures or other materials, or bulk religious materials, because of the Islamic religion.

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