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Thread: Creative Projects.

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    Creative Projects.

    Heyy guys. I was just wondering if anyone had creative projects I could do to send to my boyfriend since he's deployed. Im running out of ideas lol.

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    The last one I sent was pirate themed. I used pirate scrap book paper, pirate stickers, and pirate cut outs (taped on the second flaps [under the very top flaps] of the box so they popped up when he opens the box) and added pirate themed party favors, piratey snacks like peanuts, chips ahoy, and swedish fish.
    I'll be doing a "Birthday suit" one for my birthday with a bunch of sexual referenced things, and a "Mustang Sally" for DF's birthday with mustang magazines, figurine mustang horses, toy mustang cars, stuff like that. Also, they have a "Deployment Survival Kit" theme. I started to make one, but now I don't feel like doing that one anymore. I made my box look like a first aid kit on the second flaps, and there's a cute list of stuff like "tootsie rolls - to help you roll with the punches" and a bunch of others.

    be cool.

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