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Thread: Inexpensive Ideas

  1. Traded painting for kisses until he returns
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    Traded painting for kisses until he returns
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    Inexpensive Ideas

    So the first two care packages I put together cost about $60 each. Yikes! The things we do for love...

    Anyway, I am a little financially strapped for the next month or so and I was wondering if you ladies had any good "inexpensive" gift ideas??

    You rock!! Thanks for your input and suggestions.

    His Angel is waiting for her Sailor.
  2. he's deployed and i'm in hawaii!
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    he's deployed and i'm in hawaii!
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    i only buy stuff thats on sale, buy one - get one, or go to the dollar store. i def don't ever go looking for specific items, i just send randomly what i find for cheap!

    and i make a lot of things that i send. like letters and i burn him CDs of music i already have or digital pictures, instead of printing (he has his laptop, so he can look at pics on that!).

    umm... what else? idk... lemme think and come back!
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    Dollar Store usually has what we need.... maybe use some things around the house.... Make him something.... a box filled of letters....(Yes I have filled up onle of the big boxes we can send with letters - from me , the kids and the family....)
    Mrs. Villanueva
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    OP I know what you're feeling. My db deploys and I go to college a few weeks after. So I have a feeling I'm going to split the food I'm buying for myself in my dorm room with care packages for him. Cause otherwise I will be broke. I love him, but school books and tooth paste is slightly more important than "soft" toilet paper.
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    We kicked Deployments ass together :)
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    dollar store or stuff that is on sale. target has a dollar section and walmart is slowly tryin to get a dollar section of food not necessarily toy items but i usually only spend 20 dollars. and if he needs something in particular and its not on sale i still get it. and most of the time everything i buy is only $1.

    PS i sent out my last carepack yesterday that means this deployment is soooooo close to being over sorry for threadjacking

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