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Thread: MIA package

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    Mad MIA package

    I sent it on the 22nd why the hell hasnt he gotten it !!! It was amazing !! UGHHHHHHH
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    i had a package that took 2 months to get there. i had lost hope and then it randomly turned up! im sure he'll get it
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    it might be because mail gets backed up around holidays...
    and takes a bit to get straightened out
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    I also have one that's MIA. I sent three packages on the 25th and one on the 26th (with the most important thing he needed, of course, and I totally spaced on including it in the first three).

    The three packages got there almost a week ago. The one sent just a day after still hasn't gotten there yet.
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    It's the military mail system. Sometimes stuff gets to its destination in a couple of days, sometimes a couple of months!!

    The mail is originally sent via the US mail and it goes to the military mail system. From there, they send it as they can but if there is a priority mission the mail gets bumped.

    He'll get it eventually!!
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    A lot of it right now is that many of the air assets are being tied up with the search. DB's FOB was actually running really low on food before they finally got more delivered because of all this. Also, his boxes have been taking about twice as long to get there lately. Unfortunately, with all thats going on right now, our mail will be taking a back seat to the rest of it.

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