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Thread: Themed boxes

  1. Traded painting for kisses until he returns
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    Traded painting for kisses until he returns
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    Themed boxes

    I love all of your care package ideas and themes!!

    So, I'm thinking about putting together a OSU themed box to send to DB for the fall football season...but I'm not sure what to include. I bought material to make him a fleece tie blanket - other ideas??

    Do you think buckeyes would make it without melting too badly? (If you don't know what a buckeye is they are peanut butter/chocolate candies).

    PS - I'll definitely post pics of the finished box
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  2. he's deployed and i'm in hawaii!
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    he's deployed and i'm in hawaii!
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    i think thats a really cute theme to do. honestly though, anything chocolate WILL melt! it sucks, but its fact.

    i usually don't make all of the items in the box go with the theme at all... it just how i decorate the box, and then i'll put some notes in there that correspond. i usually pack the boxes out with treats and stuff that he needs.
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    what about an osu ball cap?? db wears his while he lounging in the room

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