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Thread: DF's LASTTT package!

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    Neener DF's LASTTT package!

    oK, ladies! This is his last package until he comes home for the wedding

    SO I was gonna do a July 4rth, but as we all know--too late for that but I did decide to stick with a patriotic theme because it was his last one.
    I painted the box red white and blue and put pictures all over..even on the bottom of the box

    I threw in little tiny blue stars just for the heck of it
    The goodies:
    By request--Velveeta mac n cheese with bacon
    two movies:Burn After Reading and Hellboy 2
    Some spray on Aloe for sunburn relief
    Two packs of beef jerky..diff flavors
    A crunch bar for his friend
    Baked brownies, and baked sugar cookies with little American Flags on them
    A tiny American Flag
    A Corona Beach towel
    4 pack of gum
    Prob. more stuff but cannot remember right now
    But every flap on the box has pics from amazing times one was from when he proposed, one was having fun in the snow together, one was when we went to Seaworld, and the other was this past Christmas.

    Thanks for looking! I had a BLAST doing this.
  2. he's deployed and i'm in hawaii!
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    he's deployed and i'm in hawaii!
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    soooooooo cute. i LOVE putting pics on the box!!

    for the LAST package!!! woohoo!
  3. In my dreams, his dreams come true
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    I love all the pics! Looks great! WAHOO for the last package before you're wedding, I be that feels amazing. ALMOST THERE to your big day!
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    way cute!

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    That is sooooo cute!!! and YAY! for the last box before your wedding!!!!
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    Last care package!
    Keep on keeping on.

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