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Thread: DB's care package!

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    Jump for Joy DB's care package!

    First one I've sent since R&R. Only problem was complicated customs form they had me fill out this time (bleh.) Tom the post office worker was very grumpy today....ha.
    The box.

    (It's green and purple, hulk colors :heart. I put my hand print on one flap, in green, of course ha, and wrote on the other one (insert you hand here), the other one has a picture of us holding hands and says 'I miss you Mr. Baker'.)
    the goodies.

    Transformer gummies, peaches, chocolate puddin', beef jerky, gum, lemonade mixes, sour patches, laffy taffy. And my feet (not being sent haha).
    Requested things.

    Sudoku book, The Backwoodsman magazine, three different kinds of chapstick, new picture holder for his wallet (i put on of his mom and me in it ha), a bookmark my grandma made him just like the one she made me, with a serenity prayer on it.
    Fun stuff.

    Hulk water blaster, hulk bubbles, beach ball, party poppers, red white and blue glow sticks, army men, light up yo yo, hulk paddle ball, foam glider.

    Mix CD cover's I made him. (It says "No matter where you are Mr.Baker, I am looking at the same moon as you tongiht" because, he looks at the sunset when he misses home and his family, and the moon when he misses me.)

    The first one it just a mix, here's the track list:
    *Life Ain't Always Beautiful-Gray Allen
    *Bohemin Like You-The Dandy Warhols
    *Keep Looking Up-Landon Pigg
    *I Want To Know Your Plans-Say Anything
    *Red White and Blue-Toby Keith
    *If The Moon Fell Down-Chase Coy
    *We Like To Party-Aqua
    *Love Never Fails-Brandon Heath
    *Best Friend-Toy Box
    *Your Star-All American Rejects
    *Bad Day-Daniel Powter
    *I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way-Fall Out Boy
    *You Look Wonderful Tonight-Eric Clapton
    *Sexy Back-Justin Timberlake
    *Baba O'Riley-The Who
    *The Way You Look Tonight-Michael Bouble
    *Live Your Life-T.I.
    *Black Bird-Across The Universe
    *Hustlin'-Rick Ross
    *Believe In Dreams-Flyleaf
    *Paper Planes-M.I.A.

    The other one is just a Weird Al CD.

    thinking of doing something else with the cover, just not sure what yet, ideas ladies?
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    LOVE IT!!!! I know he will too!
    Back together again where we belong
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    Aw that's fun! Yeah the lady at the post office in my town is ALWAYS grouchy! haha ...I guess I'd be too if I had to deal with people all day...

    "I dont care where we live as long as you're with me. I'll move to China or live on a deserted island, just dont plan on us living in the middle east because that's where I draw the line..."
    "Oh and one day I do want to buy you a really ridiculously large ring that is overpriced and takes all my money because I know you're worth it to me."
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    thanks girls! I know, what it is with those grouchy post office workers. Chug a red bull or something. ha
  5. he's deployed and i'm in hawaii!
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    meh. post office workers are almost always super grouchy!

    your CD covers are way awesome! good job... i'm sure he'll love the care pack!!
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    thanks they are really easy to make, I'd be glad to tell you how to, if you want.
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    lol the whole tom the postal worker thing made me laugh
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    Ive been dealin with some super grouchy postal workers too...i post office jump to avoid ticking them off constantly by over filling my flat rate boxes

    Looks great! I love the mixed CD covers too!!! You seem like you got lots of goodies in there Im goin for the hand print theme in one of my next ones.
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    cute ideas!

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