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Thread: My 4th of July Package SENT

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    My 4th of July Package SENT

    Well I sent it out Friday and Im hoping it makes it there before the 4th...will cut it close. I got a talkin to by the lady at the post office who said if one more package comes in bulging at the top and taped down like no other she wouldnt be able to send it out haha...time to go to the next closest post office.

    Mine was sorta a combo of things he requested/needed, summer theme, and 4th of July.

    The goodies
    • 2 pairs of light smart wool socks
    • party poppers
    • Package of capri sun coolers (fruit punch)
    • silly string
    • 3 red/white/blue boxes of sugar cookies with frosting and red/white/blue sprinkles
    • nerf basketball hoop/ball
    • squirt gun
    • reusable star shaped freezer cubes
    • water bottle/face sprayer
    • squirt gun
    • yogurt raisins
    • individually packaged salami slices
    • beach ball
    • yogurt peach parfaits
    • sour patch kids
    • flag

    The box with lyrics written to the song "you are" by jimmy wayne on one flap

    All filled up with some star confetti on top (he is gonna kill me for that hehe)
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    Cute! He'll love it! I put star confetti all over in mine too
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    thats so cute. ive just finished my last box:woop i filled it on top with feathers confetti and shredded paper

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    I usually stuff my boxes with boring newspaper
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    Looks like a boxful of fun!
    Keep on keeping on.

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    AWESOME! He's gonna love it.
    TTFN. Ta-ta for now MSOS.

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