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Thread: Will it make it alright?

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    Confused Will it make it alright?

    I sent DB a care package a few weeks ago and it only took about 6 days to get to him. His absolute favorite thing is donuts...I am going to try to send him some from the bakery we usually get them at. Do you think if I wrap them individually in foil and ziplocs and place in a tin that they will be ok for about a week or so...I'd hate for him to get bad donuts.

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  2. he's deployed and i'm in hawaii!
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    umm... idk?!?! i am the worst at figuring out this kind of stuff. i am def gonna bake and send it to DB soon, so i'm thinking if cookies will be okay, that donuts might be okay too? just try it, worst case - he has to throw them out!
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    No I don't think donuts will make it. They are only good when not being shipped for like a few days and then they go bad. So I don't see them getting there to well. Unless they were store bought like in the box, but I know you were going for the home town thing. Its always worth a shot. You never know.
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    I've never sent doughnuts before, but I would think that the cake ones would hold up the best.
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    Eh... normally they arent good after a week of sitting on the counter, so idk about putting them in a care package where its going to get hot and moist unless you vacuum seel them, but then they have to be plain... or the store bought ones, but still... gotta be careful of the heat over there over the summer
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    Bakeries normally don't put preservatives in their foods.. so you may not want to send things like that. I know Walmart bakery french bread molds in 3 days. :/
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    No.... I agree.
    I don't think they will, how about cookies?
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    I wouldn't recommend it.
    Keep on keeping on.

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    I don't think they would make it. I'm sorry.
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    You could attempt to vacuum seal them. That's what I'm doing for the cookies that I'm baking for my DB's care package
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