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Thread: Father's Day Care Package *Image Heavy*

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    Father's Day Care Package *Image Heavy*

    HI ALL!! So this is my first "special" care package for dh and maybe one of the few It's obviously from the title, a father's day themed one. I really wanted it to be like everything in it was from her to him, but he insisted on no junk food. So he got a coloring book, some crayons, and another little toy. The rest is requested by him. So, enough talking here goes the pictures:

    The feet and hand prints in the bottom...I put on seperate paper so my dh could take them out and put it on the walls. I hope you all enjoyed and thanks for letting me share PLUS inspiration I never knew people did this till this site! Oh yeah...I had that thing so stuffed it weighed almost 11#!
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    what a cute idea!!!

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    I am in Wisconsin DH is in Iraq.
    It's so cute!! And little Bry is adorable as always. I can't wait to work on our Father's Day box tomorrow! You've given me some ideas to steal
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    super cute! where are you from in WI? DH and i are from WI, but currently stationed in cali we miss home!

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    That is such a cute idea!!! He is going to love it!!!
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    this is soooooo adorable!! what a GREAT idea for the box!! he will def love it. i mean, this is so perfect for father's day... great job!
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    Thats adorable!
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    That is so adorable! I'm sure your DH will love it.
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    So cute!. I love how you put the hand prints on different paper so he can keep it!.
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    That is as creative as it gets! Now don't you just wish you could get a picture of his face when he opens that!! LOL... He is going to cry. Well done!
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