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Thread: Want to eat breakfast but never have time! Quick ideas?!

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    Hungry Want to eat breakfast but never have time! Quick ideas?!

    Hey everyone! So I work at 6 am and I never have enough time to eat breakfast before I leave the house. I was wondering if anyone had any quick breakfast ideas that are also healthy that I can make the night before or grab as I'm rushing out the door. Does anyone have any quick recipes or ideas I can use?! Thanks
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    DH makes his own egg mcmuffins.

    He toasts the english muffin, slaps on a piece of cheese and cooks egg whites to top it. He microwaves his egg whites, which really grosses me out, but he said it tastes just the same and is faster
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    Let me preface this by saying, Pinterest is my friend. P and I go way back and we are very close. You should check it out. TONS of ideas for this kind of thing. I could spend hours dumping recipes on you!

    But this, by far, was my favorite. I would personally use those pre-made sausage patties rather than bacon, but DH LOOOOOVVVVEED them with bacon. “Make-ahead and Freeze” Breakfast Sandwiches Home Beccanomics

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    i have a freezer full of jimmy dean turkey d-lite sandwiches that i just throw in my purse and microwave at work
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    I eat granola based trail mix.

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    I tend to go for a bowl of high fiber cereal with some sliced banana on top. If I have to cook it, I won't bother with breakfast no matter how good my intentions are.

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