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Thread: Pancake add-ins

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    Pancake add-ins

    So my DH loves eating his pancakes smothered in peanut butter and hershays syrup. I'm looking for something a little healither so he won't use all that crap. Any suggestions besides chochlate chips or blueberries.
    What the fuck is going on here????
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    I mix smashed bananas into pancakes all the time. You can top them with sliced strawberries, or any kind of berry really. Apples cooked like pie filling are good on top of pancakes too.

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    My BIL drops little nuggets of Ricotta cheese in them while they are frying, it's really good!
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    Oh man. I love PB on my pancakes...never going to change.

    We also mash bananas into our pancakes.

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