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Thread: Chorizo con Huevos...a la veggie style

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    Chorizo con Huevos...a la veggie style

    So I'm always trying to find creative ways to make tofu. I'm trying to replace eggs all together, so this morning I tried this and it was sooooo yummy. This is especially good for those of you that like the good old classic Mexican breakfast dish of Chorizo con Huevos

    If you go to your nearby Trader Joe's, Henry's Market, or pretty much any farmer's market type store you should be able to find this, I think they might have it at like Vons and stuff too. It's basically vegetarian chorizo. It looks like and tastes just like the real 'pork' version. Then buy some regular tofu, not firm not too soft.

    So, I don't usually do things by measurement, I do it by my own 'eye' measurement , so bare with me.

    For a 1 portion version, in a frying pan put a little olive oil, maybe a tablespoon and let it heat up. Then add about 1/3 cup of chorizo and let it fry for at least 5 minutes as you stir it. In the meantime, cut 1/4 piece off the big block of tofu and drain it of all the water in it with a couple of paper towels. Once your chorizo starts to 'brown' then with CLEAN hands , crumble the tofu on top of the chorizo. Then mix it all together. Add a little bit of garlic salt, a little regular salt and pepper. Then stir for about another 5 minutes until all the moisture is gone. Heat up a couple of corn tortillas and add some salsa on the side and voila! You have a very yummy vegetarian Mexican breakfast
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    man now i want some!! im trying to be good!! (i dont do the vegi thing or tofu) im staying out of this forum from now on!!
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    they have vegetarian Chorizo!? i've got to try this...

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