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Thread: Where would you live?

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    Where would you live?

    If you could just up and move anywhere in the US (or your home country) where would it be and why?

    I have it narrowed down to either the North Carolina, Washington state, or New England area, near a large lake where at least 3 seasons are present. DH and I are outdoorsy and enjoy cold weather and the reasonable proximity to visiting family without having to fly. Obviously cities haven't been narrowed down.
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    Valdosta, GA

    We have moved to where we want to be, Beaufort, South Carolina. We were stationed here previously and fell in love. DH fought for orders back here, after recruiting, and I would love to never leave.

    We love the lowcountry. Close to the ocean, plenty of rivers to kayak and boat. Small community. Hot summers and barely there winters. Great food and southern hospitality. Close to Savannah and Charleston. Itís perfect for us.
  3. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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    St. Pete FL

    We have moved where we want to as well ... it's nice getting to pick where to live! We're in St. Petersburg, FL. We wanted to by near DH's family but we also wanted a home on the water, we've always lived near lakes but DH really wanted to be on the ocean. It's close enough to my work that I can go into the office if I want to, which was important to me. There is also plenty of outdoor stuff for us to do which was a must, most of the time we are on the water and it's a short boat ride if we want to go snorkeling or explore, but there's also hiking and a lot of museums/art/music stuff here too, being near a cultural center was important to me as well.
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    We are also living where we want to. Salt Lake City!

    Hiking, hiking, hiking! 20 minutes up to a ski resort with the GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH, 1 hour from many camping spots including the Uintas, 5 hours to nationals parks like Moab and Zions, lots of good food and BEER.

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    DH wants to move back home to Austin, or maybe New Hampshire (where he wants to retire). I want to go back to San Diego or New England.

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    San Diego!!!
    I love San Diego a lot but I'd be cool with Oregon too (near the coast but not right on it).
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    Colorado. I'd love a small-town house on land (Calhan-ish), or a cabin in the mountains near Woodland Park. Something with not a lot of neighbours, not painfully far from town, real winters, mountains, and NO HUMIDITY.
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    St. Louis

    Milwaukee. I have family there, I love how beautiful that part of the country is, and it just feels like home to me.
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    If money were no real object, Coronado (in San Diego). Since it is? Honestly we have no idea. Vegas is a prospect, though we'd not live in Vegas proper. But in the end, I suspect for a while, we will continue to be at the whim of employment--the Navy for a bit longer, and then wherever DH can get a great job. I don't think well be super picky when he's looking. We might rule some places out, but I think he'll take whatever good job he finds in a place we don't hate. When we both retire? Then we will get to choose!
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    Quote Originally Posted by idratherbehiking View Post
    DH wants to move back home to Austin, or maybe New Hampshire (where he wants to retire). I want to go back to San Diego or New England.
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