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Thread: Who's still here? | What's new?

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    Confused Who's still here? | What's new?

    The title says it ^.~

    Wondering who all is still active (or lurking) and if anything new has changed in your life?

    For me: I have a few updates. I am so much happier with my job than ever before; I'm definitely going to miss it once we move next year.

    My kid is a titan and his height is up to my belly button, this child just turned 2 two months ago too D:

    I am FINALLY making friends! I thought I was going to be doomed watching from the sidelines all my coworkers going out on trips out of the country, hanging out at other's houses, and just doing evening outs. It was actually making me dread going to work because it had me thinking something was wrong with me
    Realistically, I was just not compatible with them when it comes to being friends. One of the major reasons is that I dont drink at all and I have a family s which is nothing to be upset about.

    I ended up clicking with a few girls on a few apps, in fact, I'm going to meet up wth one at an event a few hours away, I am beyond excited. I also found a sitter too (children not allowed in event) so this will be extra amazeballs. Also forcing DH to come with a mutual friend to have some guy time without a child. I 'm sure he appreciates it too.

    So yeah..thats the update to my life ^^.

    What about you?
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    Trying to figure out this Mom thing. Gave birth to my daughter in June and have been enjoying being on maternity leave since. Not looking forward to going back to work in September. I’m over hear LOVING the Mom life but wondering when I’ll get more than 3 hours of sleep at a time.
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    I'm still around occasionally!

    I'm coming up on my 2yr anniversary of moving to DC and couldn't be happier! Work is going fantastic - I got a promotion/raise a few months ago, completed a mentor program, received a certificate award for helping to run a fundraising program in the office, and won a pretty big award for a project I help manage. Outside of work is also going great - I adopted a Pug mix pupper a few months ago, was in a good friend (and fellow MSOS member)'s wedding, have gone on a few trips for both work/personal, started working out at this awesome fitness studio, and just bought a new car about a week and a half ago! Lots of fun stuff going on with friends and a few upcoming travels I'm excited about including my niece's second birthday next month! Life is grand

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    Im around!

    My husband finished recruiting duty, end of May, same time my oldest graduated high school. We moved back to South Carolina, where we love to be! Said oldest leaves for college tomorrow and Im a mess.

    My girls are heading into high school and 4th grade next week.

    Weve had a great summer and life is good!
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    I'm heeeeere. Nothing especially exciting. Homeschooling my school-aged kids, keeping my other kids alive, we got three cats, teaching kids music at church, I'm about to start semester 4 of full-time classes... that's my life! My husband left the Air Force almost a year ago now, we bought a house even though we hate it here, and I spend a lot of time dreaming of moving away.
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    I just got promoted at work (finallyyyy) the other day, so for the first time in my life I make a living wage! I'm super super excited about it, and everyone at work is really happy for me which feels really good. Also just bought a new car (literally same car as Becca lmao) but that's about it.
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    Things in my life

    - Work is going well. The time has almost come to switch menus again, which means I no longer get to mull cider (shame, as it smells fantastic) but...

    - Husband is miffed with me. Hes discovered that Im smoking again and has, as they say, cracked the proverbial shits. He hates that I smoke.

    - All four of my kids seem to be passing around one huge communal cold. Just when I thought we were going to make it through winter without plague.

    - I found a replacement mirror for my damaged bike!
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    I still lurk from time to time. Things are good, my daughter is 10 months old now (WHAT?!) and DH and I are starting to gear up and select our next set of orders for our next duty station.
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    Nothing too interesting here. DH came home from deployment. I'm still doing sports. I'm training for the Marine Corps Half Marathon.

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    I'm still here. The kids are still alive, dh is Active Duty now, still hasn't received his orders yet, but we are all holding our breath. Probably going to end up at Norfolk, but not sure. Meh. That's about it.

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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